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I live in Sunnyvale, CA and currently busy with my second project as an entrepreneur. Managing technology and business strategy at Apptility, where we are helping customers realize the benefits of open source and social computing. Prior to Apptility I was the co-founder of AssuredWeb - business and technology alignment software startup.

Prior to my entrepreneurial start, I have had the pleasure of working with some smart folks in Comergent. Did many engineering projects at Cisco, Sun, Active Software and Digital Tools as well.

I am generally available for a cup of coffee if it comes with a lively conversation. You can reach me at brijsingh (@) You can also link to me via LinkedIn. If you are part of this interesting place then go ahead expand on this at Wikipeadia.

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Open source, Media, Books, Running, Screenplays, Stories, Meeting people with interesting stories, social issues, and spending time with my little daughter Divya.