December 31, 2004

Top Media Ideas Of 2004

Jay Rosen on PressThink has a good summary of new ideas which will change media as we know it.

1. The Legacy Media.
2. He said, she said, we said.
3. What the printing press did to the Catholic Church the blogging press does to the media church.
4. Open Source Journalism, or: "My readers know more than I do."
5. News turns from a lecture to a conversation.
6. "Content will be more important than its container."
7. 'What once was good--or good enough--no longer is."
8. "The victory of affinity over geography."
9. The Pajamahadeen.
10. The Reality-Based Community.

Read the whole essay. Its very informative if you are new to media intricacies like me. If this year was important for media then next year we will see this blog-driven change reaching Enterprise world. Some of the points will read like this:

             4. "Business of business: Customers knows more than I do."
              6. "Conversations will be more important than the PR droppings."
              8. "Victory of honesty over spinning."
             10. The Trust-based enterprise.

Nobody should complain , world is getting a better place. More power to those who give more power to consumers !

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December 14, 2004

The Slimes of India

Crap  This is a home page of the leading Indian newspaper. Somebody tell these guys how crappy is their user interface. Its a combination of bad design, arrogant ad delivery and down right sexist intent. They should change the title to The Slimes of India

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November 03, 2004

More things change..

More they remain painfully same.

So who won and who lost in this two-nation election.

Winners : -

Simple message theory of Karen Hughes
Politics-has-to-be-entertaining school
Karl Rove's bet on more of the same and more from the base
Being liked is more important than being respected
Dirt sticks theory

Loosers :-

careful deliberation
public policy
graceful clarification
Pundits who missed out the importance of "moral values"

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August 10, 2004

Open source in the media business

Marc Canter is assembling all the fragments required for open source driven open media initiative.
Good initiative since it builds on top of CC.

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May 20, 2004

One-Minute Movies Culture

Dancing Mouse, BBC is experimenting one minute movie fest. This is incredible interesting to study. For obvious reasons, what is one minute today will become 100 minutes for your kids or maybe break the average 120minutes time span.

Check this comment from the budding director - Andrew Paul

I have decided to pursue my hobby even more and turn it into a career. I do quite a few weddings etc. but am looking to get into filming and editing. I am 38 years of age with two young children and a very (financially) understanding wife. I am currently on offer to anybody who wants me in the film industry for either cash payment or a cup of tea.

There are thousands of amateur Andrews out there. This is a nascent market which will mature in next 5-10 years. Time to tinker with these tools is now. And by the way keep thinking how to monetize your content while avoiding San Fernando valley business model.

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May 12, 2004

Ivory tower approval for blogging

Blogologists on how blogging is changing politics, journalism, and academia -

I think, more broadly, Weblogs disrupt existing hierarchies that break down communication among scholars. I don't care, when I read a blog, if the blogger is at a "Research I" school, or if they are on a faculty at all, for that matter. The focus is very much on the ideas. In some ways this feeds into the ideal of a life of the mind and is a pleasant escape from the often constricting actuality of a professor's professional life. It remains to be seen if blogging will be integrated into university institutions, or if they will remain a "third place" for scholars. In some ways, I suspect that the latter is both more likely and more influential

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May 03, 2004

BBC letting users download TV content to PDAs

[Via Gizmodo] Call it Tivo-to-go or Make-your-personal-TV, but this is pretty disruptive.

The revolutionary plan has been drawn up by Ashley Highfield, the BBC's director of new media and technology. He revealed details of the project to The Independent last week. He said: "If we don't enter this market, then exactly what happened to the music industry could happen to us, where we ignore it, keep our heads in the sand and everybody starts posting the content up there and ripping us off.

By launching iMP, the BBC hopes to avoid being left at the mercy of a software giant such as Microsoft, which could try to control the gateway to online television

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April 25, 2004

Open Media

IBM's research report telling media giants to get into shape or be ready for disruption coming their way . Their recommendations:

1. Get your digital house in order: Create or convert content to digital formats
2. Manage content for optimum flexibility and asset value
3. Be open for distribution, no matter where or when
4. Be open for delivery – in multiple packages, with variable pricing and always-on
customer service
5. Open digital doors – to contribute, produce or author dynamic content
6. Create new product windows and business models
7. Manage openly and communicate in realtime through digital infrastructure
8. Leverage a new depth of business intelligence made possible by digital technology
9. Use partnership strategies that drive efficiency and optimize customer attention
10. Become an on demand business.

Though they can ignore the last recommendation - too obvious if you have already done the first nine steps.

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