June 05, 2005

GNU Radio

Something tells me we will be hearing about this a lot.   From their website:

The big idea is to give ordinary software people easy access to 'hack' the electromagnetic spectrum, that is, to understand the radio spectrum and think of clever ways to use it

This can open up a whole new world

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Trust bottle

Nature reports on new research finding related to trust:

A Swiss-led research team tested their creation on volunteers playing an investment game for real money. When they inhaled the nasal spray, investors were more likely to hand over money to a trustee, knowing that, although they could make a hefty profit, they could also lose everything if the trustee decided not to give any of the money back.

This should surely help those trying to work out the strategy on closing the  date !

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Biz dev via blog posts

New language of business partnership.  Idea is to have a one- on- one conversation in a public space.

What's next ? Private trackback ? Yes Jonathan lets meet in a private wiki to brainstorm on this further.

Blogosphere is all ready for big MacTel announcement. I doubt it will be a big bang kind of announcement. Expect a small product line (maybe entry level laptops) to be ported to Intel in the begining.

Update: Leander Kahney has a credible theory on MacTel marriage. According to him its all about Pentium D, Hollywood and DRM.

If true, this will confirm my firm belief  that the next generation architecture and vendor alignment will happen around intellectual property protection and desctruction models.

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May 27, 2005


Under normal circumstances we don't care about lot of software out there. You come across them in some  discussions and you wonder why people care about it.  And then something happens to your server (yeah that server which runs your CVS repository !) and you wonder to yourself - what I did to deserve this. 

Linux is a stable operating system but its not very clever to sudden power outages ( Thanks to PG&E I get to know something which my Bangalore office guys keep reminding me every other day - back up early and often !)

Thanks to this little utility I managed to recover all the important files.  R-linux is a windows based free  utility to save your heartbeat ! Similar to Knoppix,  it will get your Linux or other Unix file system images recovered.

It saves your life and its free ! Keep it in your tool chest.

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May 25, 2005

Young and Hacking

This easy and this scary :

A friend of Krazed masqueraded as a 14-year-old girl online and engaged a Florida police officer in a chat session, the hackers said. The friend sent the officer an attachment, which he said was a slideshow containing naked pictures of the girl he was pretending to be. When the officer clicked on it, a Trojan horse downloaded silently to his computer, which gave Krazed complete access to the computer's files.

Aah those 19 year olds. Things you guys  do for the kicks generate multi-billion dollar security market !

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May 20, 2005


Do no evil RSS

Why ? Beats me ! 

I went ahead and signed up for the myGoogle and right there I got a quote of the day:

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May 15, 2005

Pitfalls Of Linear Thinking

I took Om's advice and went straight to Cringely's site to read his  commentary on the inflection point.

Cringely's Jeffrey Archer style storytelling makes for a fascinating read. If you were the one who  just landed in this world and read Cringely's post then you would go straight to stock market and buy as much GOOG, YHOO and MSFT as you can. Fascinating post no doubt.

There is one problem with his analysis, he is assuming that rest of the world is stupid and sitting in the spectator's gallery.  That's not the reality anymore. We are together  in this theater and for once there are no spectators - yes  including customer - Think about all the user-generated content movement.  This time it will be hard for any company to own the segment for a longer duration. Reason being that if unchecked it's extremely easy to own the segment. Internet efficiency comes into play here.

Inflection point usually generates a monopoly, I still don't see where is this monopoly coming from?

If Google takes over the content distribution world then Cisco's revenue gets hurt. If Microsoft stabs it's OEM partner on their back then Intel comes out as a looser. There are many big companies who have the resources and intellectual chops to derail these inflection point champions ! What about HP, Oracle, Big telecom equipment suppliers. They have to be dumb not to react to these moves.

Post is insightful in a way that we should be aware of these possibilities (specially creepy Web Accelerator designs by Google).

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May 10, 2005


This is very informative (and flash trick is way too cool).  Learned few chilling facts about the energy and water problems.

Something tells me I am not doing my daughter a favor by driving SUV. Future needs fewer SUVs and more hybrids.  I should switch fast.

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May 05, 2005

Open source marketing

Genius of firefox lies  as  much in it's technical superiority as in the way it's been marketed.

I think this will go down in the short history of open source as a first big success story of the open source marketing phenomena. Companies of all sizes can learn ton of things from these guys.

Its a pure beauty to see how clear and wicked is their approach to generate and sustain the buzz. 


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May 04, 2005

Smart company

Well this blogging thing is making me like Microsoft more and more. The way they are promoting this internally and the way Bill Gates is providing the plug at the highest level is doing wonders to the practice of blogging. Nobody doubts his geeky credentials.

Very soon many C-level execs will be jumping onto this trend. There is lot to loose if you don't talk because some of your competition will start talking very soon.

I think Microsoft has managed to improve their reputation to a great extent by letting their rank and file talk about their work. It was a smart move which is now getting converts from many other companies.  Bill Gates giving time to Engadget tells us where the power curve is moving.

Now in this new battle-equation of Microsoft versus Google, suddenly Microsoft looks very open and transparent.

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