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October 22, 2005

Why Write ?

This question is bugging me lately and trying to find my own answer to this. Why do people write ?  Flipping through Robert Miller's Motives for writing I find following common reasons people use as a motivation

to record a memory ( travelogues and Biography kind of writings)
to explore the self
to explore an idea (similar to the above ?)
to do reporting (journalism)
to interpreting information (analysts/op-eds)
to evaluate something (academic/peer-reviewed writing)
to amuse others (LOL kind of)
to move others (Oprah in writing)
to persuade others (  spin doctors, subliminal warriors and Silicon Valley entreps/VC bloggers :-) )
to understand reading itself

Since I picked up blog writing more as a curiosity in the beginning and then to explore technology.  Eventually it became sort of random bits in order to explore few ideas and also to explore my own interpretation of those ideas. Knowing people who share those ideas was a big plus as well.  With blogging we have formally entered into one more motivation for writing -
to connect with others.

Why do you write ?

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