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October 05, 2005

Trusting Attention

This is slightly old but I am posting it in the context of AttentionTrust work.  Tim O'Reilly posted Linda Stone's views on the emerging crisis around attention management -

The next aphrodisiac is committed full-attention focus.  In this new area, experiencing this engaged attention is to feel alive.  Trusted filters, trusted protectors, trusted concierge, human or technical, removing distractions and managing boundaries, filtering signal from noise, enabling meaningful connections, that make us feel secure, are the opportunity for the next generation.  Opportunity will be the tools and technologies to take our power back

Notion of trusted network will gain importance as Internet becomes more and more like our real world where trust is mostly a function of our culture and biases. Some of this is already happening behind the scenes where same service behaves differently in different geo-political context.  Yahoo and Google are dealing with those issues in China.  Trust is getting negotiated and manipulated. In that context the efforts of AttentionTrust are worth pursuing.

They rolled out new website with more content to understand what this project is all about. There is a firefox extension as well for recording your attention sharing. This introduces new way of looking at the web interaction activity.

Will be playing with this extension to see how this helps in avoiding something like this.

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