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October 15, 2005

Open Sour Contract

If there is one thing open source community lacks then it has to be the patience required to understand and adapt to the legal contractual base of the open source business model. It's a very unsexy thing to do and downright boring most of the time.

Whereas if they are putting their money where their  mouth is then community and open source advocates need to get basic grounding on the contractual issues.  If they don't then there will be many situations like the current MySQL/Oracle issue. Hiring a developer or acquiring the key components of a successful open source product will be used as a hedge going forward by those threatened by it's success.

Now MySQL would be reading the whole contract again and again. It's going to get tougher for MySQL going forward unless Uncle SAP decides to throw it's enterprise weight around MaxDB. 

Maybe it's time for the Postgres team to hire Firefox marketing team to inject some excitement in a good technology which  sorely lacks visibility and eco-system support.

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