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September 15, 2005

Business with China

It's amazing to see how scared executives are about the growth of China.  Carol  Bartz of Autodesk has this to add -

"I think China is going to be very difficult to do business with in the next decade. India, with its emerging middle class, will be more amenable to global and American business"

I dont understand what data points are pointing her to this conclusion ? I think the real deal is that the business itself is going to be tough in the next decade.

And on the open source comment, atleast boardrooms have started taking note of the open source potential.

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Thanks for the commments Girish! and welcome to the world of blogging. I think complexity shows up for every outside investor in one form or the other. If you take a Chinese businessman who doesnt understand US business laws and is not very good in English language then chances are that he or she is going to find doing business in US very "complex". There is some merit in complaining about the lack of even playing field but then which country offers completely even playing field to outside investors ?

Posted by: Brij | Sep 26, 2005 10:07:13 PM

this is always true with most of the big companies....but in the business has one language ... money .... which everyone understands... sooner or later money will find its way in the hearts and minds of all parties involved.. thus bringing the equilibrium... today china is accustomed in dishing out products to the world... and their whole business environment is geared towards that... noone in the world has the same economy to be able to cater to this world of business at the same costing levels... so it will take time for the everyoneelse to learn the pai mae's three step heart exploding trick

Posted by: krishna | Sep 18, 2005 9:02:20 PM

I think there is some merit to the statement about doing business with China. I can speak for one domain namely web search. The big 3 are still vying it out to get a stake in the potentially huge market. The leader on this front however happens to be a local player Baidu. Doing business with China is complex because it involves understanding the complex bureaucratic arrangement which only local companies seem to have garnered thus far. I undertand this is true for other industries such as auctions, online gaming, communication etc. as well.

Posted by: girish | Sep 16, 2005 4:51:58 PM

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