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August 02, 2005

How about user driven commerce !

Fred Wilson has a good post on the big changes happening due to the advent of user generated content.  According to him -

Until you get user generated content, you don’t get the Internet

I have in the past bitched about how Google is not encouraging this phenomena at all and how Yahoo is learning to open up by getting this thing.

This whole space is in a very formative stage from understanding and business opportunity point of view.  Posting, subscribing and posting are critical rules of engagement but the domains are just getting expanded. We havent added a big market in this yet which is about commerce!

Is adding a product to third party catalog a blog post ?
Taking RSS feed of manufacturer's catalog by distributor a subscription ?
What if all customers start tagging the product pricing and discounts ? Do we need specialized pricing engines in that case?
Can I compare products by aggregating RSS feeds of the catalogs ?

I think user driven commerce has lot of potential and it will be an eventual progression of user driven content.

Those who think blogging is just another fancy form of web publishing are missing a big cultural shift taking place right now.

Read the complete  post here.

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Thanks Pankaj, Lets meet sometime.

Posted by: Brij | Aug 5, 2005 6:39:18 PM

Brij ji I have been trying to find our innovative ways of using RSS. Good to know some more from this post. In SAP we have transports mechanism for moving changes from one environment to another e.g. DEV->QA->PRD. RSS is a good way to see if there are more transport requests. How are the things otherwise. May be we shud meet somewhere again :) Pankaj

Posted by: Pankaj Narula | Aug 3, 2005 9:45:54 AM

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