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August 20, 2005

MenWay like SafeWay

There are very few chores as boring  as weekend grocery shopping.  I always wondered why there is no strong focus on solving this problem which is very specific to middle age men (if I can start calling myself that).

Retailers spend so much money designing fancy aisles, putting NCR  self-checkout machines and nowadays in creating sensory good-luck-to-your-privacy ambience.  I wonder what it will take to make grocery shopping experience more like a trip to Starbucks or to Fry's. Why can't they pull me in versus me dragging myself !

I am sure there will some crazy and smart entrepreneur who will go out and create a niche retail business model  targeting 30 to 40 year old male demographics and his value proposition will be totally experiential.  I am envisioning aisles loaded with  iPods, Broccoli, USB Flash drives and sharing floor space with DVDPlay, Car wash drive-ins among other things.

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Dude..hitting middle age is it :))

Posted by: sada | Aug 21, 2005 7:42:32 PM

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