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June 18, 2005

Rotten morality

Something in that part of the world (yes including India) stinks when it comes to the treatment of women.  Every once  in a while you hear some crazy rural council giving  medieval justice to some women.

Few years back we had similar episode in India . People build NGO around that episode, elections won and lost, movie made and tons of other things and  then life moved on.


Are we going to see the likes of  Mukhtar Mai and  Sanwaari every few years ?
Despite all the advancement, our culture and basic instincts are still the same. At the drop of a hat people act like animals.  Something is really rotten in our selective morality that on one hand we cannot respect our women whereas we are ready to blow ourselves in the name of God. Even the so called developed pockets are pretty bad in handling their women.

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