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June 10, 2005

Not Funny

This is new for me and I am wondering how to handle this.

We all quote others work according to the fair-user principle but to see the complete blog getting hijacked and served elsewhere is new to me.

This website Etamp.net (apparently hosted  from South Korea) takes the complete blog and serves it under their domain - My blog served from their site !

Quick whois check gives this:

Registrant : Ha Jea Eung
815-8 Hwagok-dong Gangseo-gu SEOUL

Domain Name:  ETAMP.NET
Registrar:  Gabia,Inc. (GABIA.COM)

Administrative, Technical, Billing Contact: 
Ha Jea Eung [email protected]
815-8 Hwagok-dong Gangseo-gu SEOUL
(Tel) 02-2653-7327 (fax)

Record created on MAY       07, 2004
Record expires on MAY       07, 2006
Record last updated on MAY       09, 2005

Domain servers in listed order:


Now I have three options -

tell this guy not to do this (what if he points to Google caching as a legal precedent ?)

if he refuses then I can just sit back and wait for my lawyer to give me better hourly rate to go after this fellow.

OR I can request Typepad to help me here. After all if 10 more Etamp.net type site-jackers show up then not only content producers who suffer but also the infrastructure provider's integrity takes a hit as well.

Funny thing is this post will also show up there in this fellow's site.

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Posted by: Linda Collins | Dec 15, 2007 10:09:19 AM

There are two things here - syndication for reading like the way you read Yahoo or Google news -use is entirely personal. Whereas it's entirely different thing to commercially exploit this syndication ! Your point taken - looks like I need to learn few things here. Probably add a copyright notice to start with. I am not amused by what Bloglines and Feedster are doing either. Nobody should use syndication for commercial purpose without getting proper request from the publishers.

Posted by: Brij | Jun 12, 2005 6:54:44 PM

and also : http://about.feedster.com/?id=1010542

Posted by: busiq | Jun 12, 2005 5:01:30 AM

What's mean? "Syndicate this site (XML)" You will see the same thing at Bloglines: http://bloglines.com/preview?siteid=275814. Since you provide the site syndication, other website can pick it up and provide it to their users.

Posted by: busiq | Jun 12, 2005 4:34:55 AM

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