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June 26, 2005

Learn Mandarin !

Getting Unocal in new global landscape :

And - to seal American paranoia - China is also a major holder of US debt. Put simply, the US is in hock to the Chinese to such an extent that if all the bills were called in at once, Uncle Sam would be bust. It's not in China's interests to destabilise the world economy at the moment, but circumstances change. Beijing might just like to keep that card - a financial nuclear option - up its sleeve for some future geopolitical crisis.

Corporate America will climb a traumatic learning curve over this bid, and be forced to confront the growing reality of Chinese economic power. For business people elsewhere, the lesson is far simpler: learn Mandarin - now

My guess is this is just the begining of a long drawn out China-phobia, which we are going to see in the media for next few years.

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I go to this cafe near my place and after reading this I joked the owner whether she will teach me Mandarin. To that she replied she can help me on Korean !

Posted by: Brij | Jun 26, 2005 11:46:13 PM

I just had two ladies knock on my door yesterday..... they were on the lookout for some chinese people..... to practise their mandarin!! I offered help with Hindi.... they declined! Anyway I sent them to my neighbors place!

Posted by: Sumit Chachra | Jun 26, 2005 3:57:51 PM

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