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June 10, 2005

Grassroot disconnect

Seth Levine quotes his father on grassroot level changes in China:

I would predict that within the next five years the disconnect between people's economic aspirations and their ability to achieve them within the boundaries of government policies could lead to a political crisis

Information awareness is growing at a pace never seen before in that part of the world. I dont see why this same tension won't show up in other places such India, Brazil, and Russia. Governments in emerging nations will have tough time catching up with their citizen's aspirations.

So many years of locked-up ambition. Years of borrowed ideologies have made certain sections very hostile to any controlled growth models as well.  Though too early in the cycle to interpret it that way but Godfather scene comes to mind:

Michael Corleone: I saw a strange thing today. Some rebels were being arrested. One of them pulled the pin on a grenade. He took himself and the captain of the command with him. Now, soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren't.
Hyman Roth: What does that tell you?
Michael Corleone: It means they could win.

Emerging nations need to be careful about their have-nots going forward ! We are living in a very transparent society - thanks to all the information in our hand.

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