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May 21, 2005

Open source news wrapup

Here is a quick list of the open source related news  in last one week:

- Simula Labs launches an Idealab-type portfolio approach to funding open source based services startup.   They got a commitment of 10 to 15million  over the course of 3 years to fund and incubate 6 to 8 startups. That number comes to around $2million per startup. Pretty cheap way to have access to the code copyright.

- Deepak Phatak
of IIT Mumbai proposing a new open source license - Knowledge public license. Funny thing is Cnet went ahead and mixed up outsourcing and India's gazillion engineering grads to psyche everybody about the potential of this license but didn't have enough sense to tell us few things about the license itself ! Now where should I go to read the license ! Lost somewhere between J-Factor and G-factor ?

- Egoclash between Ray Lane and Ellison camp gets serious. Chuck Phillips hints on Oracle's move into the testing certification business in a move to take on Spikesource.  Oracle seems to be all over the place. I would bet this is the time to go after Oracle's database business. If only Sun can show the right  imagination to buy either MySQL or Postgres and put that database into their proposed grid !

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