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May 13, 2005

But to be young was very Heaven

Are we witnessing open source version of the  French revolution ?

Jeff Clavier posts some more tidbits from Microsoft's VC meet:

Q: Statistics report that there are 2M Open Source developers, 70% Europe, 70% under 25. Entire generation "lost to capitalism" ?

Microsoft is going to release a free version of Visual Studio Express targeting students, who traditionally have been using Linux and free stuff.
Ballmer also goes on to stating that the GPL makes it hard to commercialize innovation (b/c of the requirement to contribute changes back to the source tree).

These numbers and segment represents a major new trend.  They are under-25 and very soon they will go into decision making roles in their companies.

Who is betting that they will be advocating purchase of  business packages priced around million dollars ? 

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