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April 28, 2005

RSS Ad Smasher

For some reason this particular thing is getting me all mad. I dont like RSS ads inthe  personal blog feeds. If a personal blog is  like  blogger's personality then why the heck you need to put ad on it.  I have yet to see people putting logos on their faces !

Do you interrupt your conversation in starbucks to do few Ad inserts before resuming your conversation? No ! Then why in the world you want to have RSS ad inserts.

Now if its a professional blog then definitely yes. You have earned all the right to include ads. That distinction is important because that will drive reader's motivation on whether to trust you as a person or a pro who is selling me something. Both models are acceptable but mixing the two puts extra load on my attention-starved mind.

Charlie Wood has some Ad stripper if you want to take out these pesky ads from the feeds.

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