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April 08, 2005

osbc buzz

Going by all the  blog posts, looks like OSBC was lot of fun. 

Picking pieces from different blogs. Steve Mallet of OSDir talks about Jonathan Schwartz's GPL criticism.  " Country forks" and "GPL as an imperialistic tool" were hotly debated issues.  I think we will hear more about country forks in the future. Open source is not only a good hedge against vendor monopoly but also a creative wedge on the intellectual property issue. 

Its not as if Sun has suddenly found new love for the rest of the world. They see the technology world (specially the Mobile and developer's market) shifting globally. It doesn't hurt to give a sympathetic voice to the 3rd world countries.  Remember all this CDDL thing is as much aimed against GPL as against Redhat. Redhat is well established in the emerging countries.  OpenSolaris is NOT ! They are catching up here.

Considering Spikesource's PR splurge there is definitely attention from the money lords. Taking into factor  Sand Hill's famous tendency to flock together, we will see more clones of Spikesource and SugarCRM pretty soon. Offcourse those will be under stealth and they will have their own differentiators. And I am not joking ;)

Talking about Spikesource,  They should succeed. If they succeed then the legendary might of KPCB will alone put open source in the board room. It will make selling little easier for other teeny weeny startups. Though I cannot resist the comparison between what Spikesource team did in the $115 million flameout Asera (Whitepaper in doc format) and what their test harness in Spikesource claims to do. That combinatorial complexity, dependency analysis and composition all sounds very familiar. Considering component explosion on the open source side they will certainly get plenty of attention, if only they can let the technology do the talking rather than drumming the PR parade.  It will be fun to watch how this one develops.

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