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April 10, 2005


O'Reilly and Spikesource roll out a sort of adult-version of Sourceforge.  It's name carries the usual O'Reilly's wild-life theme based naming scheme.

This raises a question (have to ask since lot of well intentioned open source advocates are involved in this project) why try to upstage sourceforge ? It does a great job and has close to 90 thousand projects. Why do they expect a developer to go ANOTHER community/code repository site to hang their codebase or to download  the code. Looks like Spikesource wants to own the mindshare around repository like CodeZoo but without owning the community governance. 

As per their site:

"CodeZoo exists to help you find high-quality, freely available, reusable components, getting you past the repetitive parts of coding, and onto the rest and the best of your projects. It’s a fast-forward button for your compiler"

It's not just the licenses and components which are going through the combinatorial explosion but also the communities, code warehouses, stacks etc.  Instead of this codeZoo they could have focused on providing DOAP wrapper to all sourceforge projects and allow XML api based query straight out of the Eclipse environment.  I am sure developers will go for that.

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