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March 16, 2005

Startup opportunities in China/India

I have seen Gary Reischel speak couple of times in Comergent sales meetings. He is a straight shooter. 

I am on the record as saying that the next ten years are going to offer venture capitalists an unparalleled opportunity through investments in China and India. It will not be a smooth ride, but the domestic venture market has not exactly been smooth during the past nine years. Rarely can you look out ten years at markets like India and China and predict with certainty massive demographic shifts, but in this case you can. The integration of technology into every part of China is occurring at an unprecedented rate. We were in Tibet in June of this year and nomads living at 12,000 feet were using solar panels to charge cell phones, televisions, and other electronics. In addition, the cellular reception in the far reaches of western China puts the I-280 corridor in Silicon Valley to shame. India has its own stories, including countrywide hotlines for kids in trouble, services that do not exist at the same scale in the United States or Europe today.

There will be many mistakes made in China and India. The canny investors will be looking for deals where the market need is reasonably well defined. The very early stage investments will have to be carefully vetted, since the governance issues on deals in China and India are legendary

He gets this China and India things very well. Though lot of his peers are in a state of denial.

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