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March 04, 2005

Reading but not writing

Since I never got a chance to catch up with all the feeds while in Bangalore,  so I spent last few days catching up on the  bloglines feeds. Rapid pace parsing of the conversations is an art. Mastering that will become a necessity if your career depends on the business models which gets discussed in these  conversations.

Travel experience enhances our instincts for comparison. Its very much like comparison shopping for observations and interpretations.  Conversations in US and India don't happen at the same level. Deliberations and tone varies dramatically.

Where future-mindedness and what's-new takes center stage in US,  India needs more and more assurances in her private family conversations (public conversations  mostly lack humour). Assurances come in the form of exaggerations of its power, feel- good media commentary and sudden doom-and-gloom related to its  development goals.

Conversations on my bloglines account tell me one thing - change is accelerating faster than anybody can fathom.  Memes are getting constructed with each new posts, which eventually gets  remixed, repackaged, reworded, mutated, flipped and checked out. Knowledge is there in abundance in terms of shared interpretation and experiences.  15 minutes of fame involves many feeds nicely packaging the momentum of its meme.

I need a tool which can help me get to the original thoughts, memes and fresh interpretations of important  concepts.  Remix culture in the knowledge world is  funny if not dangerous. But then blogosphere is not necessarily a knowledgesphere. Its a one long conversation.

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