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March 22, 2005

Open source to dominate enterprise by 2007

Novell has rightly found the much needed momentum thanks to its focus on open source. More Redhat bungles more they stand to gain:

Citing IDC research that projects during the next few years that Linux will grow at the server level by 25pc and at the desktop level by 40pc, Messman said that today’s companies believe that they need to deploy Linux if they want to stay competitive, save money and optimise production.

Messman also quoted a chief information officer (CIO) magazine survey that reveled that 53pc of all CIOs stated that open source would be their dominant technology by 2007.

Thats the world we are preparing ourselves for. World in which  open source becomes the first vendor of choice.  Thats when you will see next major inflexion point in the IT world. It's coming and it's already there in some places (remember that quote - the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed !)

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