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March 11, 2005

Meetup meeting

Always looking for new experiences, I ventured out to attend my first meetup meeting.  This Internet-enabled method to arrange face-to-face meeting and do it at the local level has reached more than  million users.  Many many thanks to Mr Dean. (link is bit old)

As part of this I picked up the Santa Clara Entrep Meetup group to attend to.  Alex, our energetic organizer ( man with some very interesting ideas - one which connects San Fernando valley with Silicon Valley!) arranges this every month.

It was all in all a very good experience and hopefully we will continue to meet going forward. I didn't realize Andreas Stavropoulos sits on the board of Meetup. So for him experiences like these are as much field testing of his investment as they represent general networking opportunity.  I must thank him for urging me to read Jeff Hawking's book about intelligence and memory. Though I was aware of the book but didn't realize that there is an institute setup to generate ideas and solutions around Jeff Hawking's thesis.

Other plus of this was to meet and exchange ideas with people who don't come from the  technology background and who care less about life on the bleeding edge. Learned few things about financing, real estate flip-it business model, manufacturing based business opportunities etc.   Also I heard that  SpaceX will be making an announcement very soon.  Stories like SpaceX urge us to strive for bigger and better things.

All in all good use of time in the first meetup session.

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