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March 17, 2005

Ads are killing browsing experience

Has anyone noticed how Google Adsense/Adwords combo is destroying the average Joe's browsing experience.  Connect the dots -

Build a blog
Sign-up Google adsense
Cram all your feed content in your blog
Hire SEO to optimize your site for better indexing
Search Google and there you get only blogs on the first page

Now I have been part of this easy hack, but I think now things are getting way out of control . I mentioned about this in the context of news, but very soon this problem will be all over the place. Once Yahoo Ad service and Microsoft AdCenter comes out then all we are going to see is this.

Its not the just the experience which is getting confusing.  Method of delivering these services is also getting scarier -

AdCenter uses information from customers who registered for services such as Hotmail or who tailored the MSN home page to their interests. It supplements that with data purchased from the Experian credit bureau.

As long as we have people funding these keyword driven ideas, there will be companies corrupting our experiences and companies improving our experiences. I guess we need both sides in order to have proper balance.

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