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February 26, 2005

Whichway home

On a personal note, today I am leaving  for the Bay Area.  Bangalore stay was fun and I think we managed to accomplish many things, specially on the sales front.

Going forward hopefully postings will be more regular and during flight I hope to finish  Pico Iyer's Global Soul.   Yes I am still dealing with the confusion regarding the question - "What happened to the idea of home".

Am I leaving for home or leaving my home ?

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Add to this your MS-versus-Linux conspiracy list

If Microsoft actually produced an MS-Linux that was the standard Linux attached to the driver layer of Windows, giving users full Plug and Play (PnP) support of all their peripherals, nobody would buy any other Linux on the market. Well, except for the fact that Microsoft would be unable to produce such a product without allowing the other vendors access to the driver code as part of the open-source Linux license arrangement (GPL). You can be sure that Microsoft lawyers are studying this as closely as possible to see if there is any way they could market a dominant Linux distribution without killing themselves. So how could they do this?

John Dvorok is definitely making a right reference to Microsoft legal team's role in shaping the product management strategy.  This further proves the point that companies better start inviting lawyers in their product management and strategy meetings. 

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February 15, 2005

Campus view

While visiting my parents and attending cousin's marriage, I sneaked out to do my regular "whats new" trip to IIT Kanpur campus.  My father spent good 25 years in the campus so its like my home in many ways.  All my early attempts to understand the world happened inside the calm environment of this elite institute.  I didn't study here but I used it's wonderful library for good 5 years.

Campus is always active and the new generation of students are savvier in event management. Tech-fest named Technokriti is about to start where the topics are all cutting edge - Open source hardware,  robogames, micro-electronics design contest among others.  All the usual suspect sponsors are there as well - Infosys, Wipro,  Mentor Graphics etc.  Students wearing penguin T-shirts are not uncommon. Linux definitely gets lot of people talking.  This proves that students world-over are ready takers for compelling social movement of any type. Open source fits in nicely with the whole package of  underdog (against Microsoft etc), and pushing the right elements  for the sake of society.

Department of Biotechnology is a great addition to the campus. Met few Phd students and hoping to stay in touch with them as I learn more about the Bio-informatics field. 

In all this quest to know what's latest in the campus, I never fail  to identify the mango tree around which many childhood memories are constructed.  In a quick  rewind all the names and faces come to mind. Where are they now ? 

The thing I like about visiting UP and Kanpur in particular is the new perspective I get. Staying away from blogging world in a near disconnected state is not exactly a bad thing.  I gained lot more in understanding how the narrow-band and noband  world is  living.  There are huge barriers between three spaces - blogosphere, cyberspace (part of Internet still untouched by blogging) and third one which is relevant in India and it's called pothole-space.

Describing pothole-space will take another post. Let me just stop here with all the childhood memories still in my head.  Will come back to it in the next post.

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February 01, 2005

Google thorn

This is hilarious (Be careful. There are few offensive stuff in there).  Looks like the Google thorn camp is growing.

Something tells me we will be seeing more of deep scrutiny of search engine companies.  Once you go beyond the oohs-and-aahs of Google and it's high IQ brand,  it's very easy to see how easy for them to go the dark side (if they haven't already gone that way !).

There are lot of copyright, trademark, caching, proxy etc related issues which are not fully answered. 

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