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January 06, 2005

Revolution of the ants

Pankaj points me to the post by Fred Wilson on how everything is opening up and there is a huge democratic force working silently.  Not a day goes by when you don't hear this democracy or that democracy. 

The revolution of the ants.  Technology is not consolidating power into the hands of the very few.  The opposite is happening.  Everyone is getting in on the action.  Technology is opening the doors like never before.  And so we are building an architecture of participation that enables this to happen even faster.  That’s what next.

These are echoing some of the points  Chris Anderson is elaborating on LongTail.

There are many other common threads and dots connect far and wide  -

Architecture of participation
Long Tail
Amateur to professional transition, this is a big march going on silently
Citizen journalism
Brand called you
Blogging as a wrapper for "I" - ultimate expression tool and most empowering tool ever built
Open source as manifested in its spirit
Death of command-and-control mentality  and the future of work
Decentralization as the future model for commerce

If you look who is successfully exploiting this, then the same usual suspect names show up - Google, Ebay, Amazon etc.  Joining them would be companies who are going to help users become something !  journalists (Six Apart ?),  media artists ( Flickr ?),  broadcaster (podcasting ?) and there will be many more. 

These types of companies will not always be funded by your regular venture funds, these are lightweight operations and will need micro-investment models. Something which Omidyar Network is pioneering. It's shocking to me that there aren't many venture funds like that.  World needs more funds like that, not because they are light weight but because they convey a strong positive image about the business.

I think LongTail concept should make a case for the need of new type of venture financing. Something which borrows ideas from micro-credit innovation but applies to the generation of future flickr, delicious, bloglines etc.  Obviously the connecting threads will be open source, architecture of participation, syndication, Google Adsense and other api slap-ons.

Where this will finally leads us to is anybody's guess. What is crystal clear is that one after another, traditional power aggregators are loosing their grip on their power instruments. Be it journalism, music industry, movie industry, proprietary software, industry analysts and many more on the cross-hair.

Net of this come out from the acknowledgment that every individual is in fact a company. Suddenly the cliched term B2C  is no more B2C but it has become B2B. Every business of consumer is now a business with another business.

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