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January 10, 2005

Pervasive to support Postgres

Now I know why a friend of mine was constantly pushing me to keep an eye on Postgres. We had this Oracle-versus-Informix kind of discussion on this developing rivalry between Postgres and MySQL.   My point was that eventually a best-marketed technology wins in the marketplace not necessarily the one with the best technology.

Pervasive Software has decided to provide marketing and support services to Postgres database:

it will offer corporate customers support and training services for an annual subscription fee, ranging from $1,999 for a basic offering to $4,999 for round-the-clock support

Now Postgres has received corporate backer, it should see its adoption grow. For all who care about stored procedures and triggers, this is a great news. For those who keep open source dollar numbers this should come as a music -

..forecasts revenue associated with open-source databases will balloon from $130 million now to about $1 billion in 2008

Their decision to back Postgres is driven by it's BSD licensing, which allows derivative distributions.  This will keep MySQL's on their toes thats for sure.

Again customer wins !

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