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January 06, 2005

Open Source ahead on the numbers

Great news for JBoss and Eclipse. Check the charts Eclipse and JBoss.

I am all for diversity and more choices in general, but looking at this long list of IDE I get a feeling that there are an awful number of developers wasting their time developing redundant code.  Why have three IDE - Eclipse, IBM Studio and NetBeans ?  And still no industrial strength IDE for LAMP stack ? Or for that matter no on-demand IDE ? Time has come for an on-demand IDE which will provide developers hosted environment and juicy compute power.
And do this for the LAMP market.

On the application server front, there are lot of surprises in store. This year we will get to know how Redhat's JoNAS and Apache's Geronimo takes off.  Battle is primarily around the control of middleware stack.   There will be many surprises around this.

Big companies wont sit idle.

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