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January 05, 2005

Giants will be sluggish

At one time, it looked as if the effect of the open-source phenomenon on the software industry would be limited to Linux and a handful of other programs. But new companies are going after parts of the industry many felt would be untouched by open source. Take SugarCRM Inc. The Cupertino (Calif.) startup is tackling the industry giants that sell systems for customer relationship management. Likewise, Sourcefire Inc. in Columbia, Md., is selling software that detects hackers trying to break into computer networks.

JBoss and SugarCRM getting good press coverage. Headline sums up nicely. Expect the giants to stay sluggish. This year we will get to see open source clones. Clones of successful open source business models thereby increasing the pressure on proprietary software vendors. Customer should be happy, all this means more choices. That never hurts.

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