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December 17, 2004

YAG Story

[Via Technology Review] Thats Yet Another Google Story :

Whether Google or Microsoft wins, the implications of a single firm’s controlling an enormous, unified search industry are troubling. First, this firm would have access to an unparalleled quantity of personal information, which could represent a major erosion of privacy. Already, one can learn a surprising amount about ­people simply by “googling” them. A decade from now, search providers and users (not to mention those armed with subpoenas) will be able to gather far more personal information than even financial institutions and intelligence agencies can collect today. Second, the emergence of a dominant firm in the search market would aggravate the ongoing concentration of media ownership in a global oligopoly of firms such as Time Warner, Ber­telsmann, and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

Short-term lesson for all early stage companies out there - be ready for the search api. It will make ton of sense to integrate this functionality in your software, doesnt matter who provides it in the end.

Ever wondered why nobody talks about Pepsi versus Coke with this passion. Yeah I can hear you - Information is much more powerful than just the sugared water. Well there is a thought worth dissecting just to sense the long term implications of this winner-takes-all bet (wild it may sound) - what if some of the information industry leaders start playing favorites in the consumer and other non-technology markets. For example Google only showing Pepsi ads in all their network !

If  Google's mind of the God and God's preferred soda is Pepsi. Now what can you do about that ?

Implications of this search war transcends technology industry. Outcome of this battle will redefine the way we value information not the way we find information.

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"...outcome of this battle will redefine the way we value information not the way we find information."

Indeed. Although the way we think about finding information has been radically altered as well.

Posted by: Christopher Carfi | Dec 18, 2004 12:20:32 PM

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