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December 25, 2004


As part of the ongoing effort to clean up and get my acts together on this blog, I finally updated the blogroll today. It was a 10 minutes job but it took me quite some time !

Thanks to all the folks whose blogs I have been reading, I must say I learned a lot from all of you. Most of these folks  I don't know and sure they don't know me either.  Still we are connected in a weird way.

My good friend Mehul introduced me to this whole blogging rage back in the middle of 2003.  I was sufficiently intrigued at that time.  Initially I was mostly reading Rajesh Jain's blog, and became a big fan of his tenacity and discipline.  Hats off to you Rajesh. 

Eventually circle expanded and now I can say proudly that I made lot of friends through blogging. Many of them I eventually met face to face.  Tomorrow I am meeting Pankaj again, this time to see if we can cook up something for India using cellphone and TV, and in the process help make non-knowledge workers more money (remember all the good things go to those who are bound to the broadband and a keyboard !).

Now blogging is  part of our life, so much so that we also decided to add our own little contribution to this whole social computing phenomena. Stay tuned for more on that.

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