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December 31, 2004

Top Media Ideas Of 2004

Jay Rosen on PressThink has a good summary of new ideas which will change media as we know it.

1. The Legacy Media.
2. He said, she said, we said.
3. What the printing press did to the Catholic Church the blogging press does to the media church.
4. Open Source Journalism, or: "My readers know more than I do."
5. News turns from a lecture to a conversation.
6. "Content will be more important than its container."
7. 'What once was good--or good enough--no longer is."
8. "The victory of affinity over geography."
9. The Pajamahadeen.
10. The Reality-Based Community.

Read the whole essay. Its very informative if you are new to media intricacies like me. If this year was important for media then next year we will see this blog-driven change reaching Enterprise world. Some of the points will read like this:

             4. "Business of business: Customers knows more than I do."
              6. "Conversations will be more important than the PR droppings."
              8. "Victory of honesty over spinning."
             10. The Trust-based enterprise.

Nobody should complain , world is getting a better place. More power to those who give more power to consumers !

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