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December 16, 2004

Php for the masses

If Php is the language for the masses then there needs to be a hosted IDE where any user can come in and developer web pages, database driven applications, store it, integrate it with other utilites and publish those scripts/resources to his or her desired website. It should be as easy as writing ain a word doc.

why does one need to have a local copy of the html/css/javascript/php editor and mysql/system service interfaces ?

By making this available in a free hosted version one can move further along in bridging the gap between programmers and users. There are users out there who are very sophisticated and they want to build business applications but dont want to do anything with the install/versions/library issues.

What comes close to something like this ? - Jotspot ?  Maybe ? they are close to this vision. What is really needed is a stack independent approach to assembling components on an on-demand architecture.

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