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December 22, 2004

Pace of information change

We needed a database of certain type for one of our application. Dun & Bradstreet provides that kind of information.  While looking for that I bumped into this :

This is how they collect the information -

D&B has built the most extensive business information database in the world with over 82,000,000 companies. We collect and  receive information from a broad array of sources, including:                   

Direct investigations and interviews with  the company principals.
Payment and banking data from company suppliers, which provides over 650,000,000 payment experiences annually.
Suits, liens, judgment, UCCs, business  registrations, corporate details and bankruptcy filings from   state and county courthouses, resulting in over  130,000,000  records on file.
Corporate financial reports and filings within 48-72 hours of filing.
Contracts, grants, loans and debarments  from the federal government.
Web source and mining of over 27,000,000  domains.
News and media sources.
Yellow page and print directories. 

Thats not all , its the information change velocity which is interesting:

Information is dynamic. In the next 60 minutes:
285 businesses will have a suit, lien or  judgment filed against them
240 business addresses will change
150 business telephone numbers will change  or be disconnected
112 directorship (CEO, CFO, etc.) changes  will occur
63 new businesses will open their doors
8 corporations will file for Bankruptcy
4 companies will change their names                                                                                                                     

You can play your own trivia game by cross-linking these stats.  To reiterate the obvious - change is changing very fast.

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