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December 27, 2004

Numbers keep rising

Second morning and the toll figure just keep rising.  Along with that the stories of what could have prevented this.  Pankaj points to the link about alerting system - which could have helped if it was there.  Numbers keep rising and it is heart wrenching.  Natural disasters are bad and what it really rubs it is the rapidly increasing casualty figure.

One theory which again points to our legendary lack of imagination in the Indian sub-continent is absence of alerting system on Indian Ocean. It seems Pacific Ocean had this since 60s. With gazillion dollars going into remote sensing satellite couldn't they have alerted this one hour early and in the process saving thousands of lives.

Bangalore team: Take a day off and help those who really need your help. There are plenty of aid agencies collecting the donations (quick Google will help on that). Please be generous.

Others this is the time.  Most of those who were affected belong to the coastal areas and part of fishing community.

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