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December 01, 2004

Making a splash

This should rank as the year's most creative piece.  Though press is increasingly becoming an easy target to fall for these marketing tricks. 

What's next ? company selling its reputation on Ebay ?  People bartering their trust currency ?

Q. Why does a company need you? Can't they do this on their own?

A. Well, that could be said about marketing people or PR professionals, designers or programmers, or anything. It's about what kind of skills you have internally, what kind of drive and expertise you have internally. And with something as new as blogging, it's really easy to get things wrong. Having somebody teach you for a period of time is something a lot of companies are seeing a lot of value in.

If you're looking for a job, why not post your availability on Monster.com? Why EBay?

A. Because I like to make a splash. You put your resume on Monster and the response might be that five people view it. You start an EBay auction and tell some friends and put out a press release, and it gets attention.

Kudos to Jeremy for adding to the blog-bandwagon.

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