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December 24, 2004

Being honest about the honesty

Normally I don't  give much weight to Gallup polls ,  based as they are  on the  "sample" under consideration. But this particular Gallup poll is  quite intriguing . and all the  more credible since it doesn't have to  be precise. Its about finding which profession is the most honest one. Nurses win hands down and there are not that many surprises for the bottom ranks.

Now what is interesting to me is the impact of blogging on some of these professions.  These professions are increasingly getting more scrutiny in the public space. 

  • TV reporters (23 percent)
  • Newspaper reporters (21 percent)
  • Business executives (20 percent)
  • Lawyers (18 percent)
  • Congressmen (10 percent)
  • Advertising practitioners (10 percent)
  • Car salesmen (9 percent)

If you match these professions against the major events of this year, you will find that there is an increased shift towards  transparency in these professions due to the blogging phenomena.  Be it Dan Rather accepting his mistake, Trent Lott getting his due,  Howard Dean making politics more engaged and Madison avenue finding itself at the cross-roads.  Though I am not sure how blogging influences legal profession and the (used) car selling act.

Now for me and my profession the big question is what constitutes dishonesty in the software engineering profession ? If we are honest then the question is are we as respectable as the doctors or nurses ! And if not then where is the gap ? 

Where is the moral leak in RUP and the whole agile management process ?

Well that's one thought which will keep me stay focused during 2005.

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