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December 23, 2004

Cringley on Sun

Cringley on IBM , Microsoft and developing plot to rewrite the script for "one ring to rule all" .  Though his predictions are all long shots and long term, his take on Sun is funny -

Their current strategy of selling processing power by the cycle is like a new car dealer renting back seats of cars on the lot to teenagers looking for a place to make out.

Thats why I love this industry, we  never run out of quotable quotes. Now we will wait for Jonathan Schwartz's  response.

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Jonathan Schwartz summed up nicely though. That vision does smack of 80s thinking. Will be reading your thoughts on Solaris open source experience. Brij

Posted by: Brij | Dec 28, 2004 12:25:15 AM

Thanks for pointing out this article, Brij. I commented on it here: http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/jimgris/20041227#cringely_sun_to_shrink_dramatically

Posted by: Jim Grisanzio | Dec 27, 2004 1:28:58 PM

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