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December 22, 2004

Conversation Map

Some of the ways one can observe the countless conversations happening out there is just fascinating. For example Conversation Map is an attempt to unravel linkages between large scale conversations happening over the internet.

On the Internet there are now very large-scale conversations (VLSCs) in which hundreds, even thousands, of people exchange messages.  These messages are exchanged daily -- and even more frequently -- across international borders. Unlike older, one-to-many media (for example, television or radio) where a small group of people broadcast to a larger number of people, VLSCs are a many-to-many communications medium.  Also, unlike older, one-to-one media (e.g., the telephone), the people engaged in VLSCs do not necessarily know the electronic addresses of the other participants before the start of the conversation.  For these reasons, VLSCs are creating new connections between people who might otherwise not even have imagined the other's existence.

These types of application will further reduce the interaction time and significantly expand the Long Tail based commerce and collaboration.

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