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October 09, 2004

Punditry RIP

Fun part of the white house politics in the age of web2.0 is that you can clearly see who is spinning and how.
Check this subtle spin by Mike Mcnamee (deputy editor chief at BusinessWeek) :

Scorned for his scowls and irritability in the first debate on Sept. 30, President George W. Bush made the most of a friendly format in the second. He changed his attitude, went on the offensive, and squeezed out a victory over Senator John F. Kerry at Washington University in St. Louis on the evening of Oct. 8.

Victory ? Maybe I need to check my dictionary for the right meaning of that word. Are we seeing the final phase in the eventual rotting of the punditry business ?

Trust is a big deal here. Factcheck.org is getting increasingly popular because it provides trust in the world full of spin doctors.

Factcheck should not go away after this election, there should be one for the corporate as well. Where CFO's spin can be cross-checked with the marketing guru's whispers to the street guys. Major cleanup possibilities there.

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