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October 05, 2004

Its frustrating or satisfying !

Thats enterpreunership is all about , according to the guy who has seen it , done it and doing it again and again. Pavan Nigam sharing his thoughts on entrepreneurship -

“When you start a company, things are totally unknown; it is like a game of chess. Things are changing around you and one reacts and tries to control things which are beyond your control. Overall, it is a challenging task. (Things were no different at Cendura. His first 10 employees stood by him. They were paid no salaries for an entire year and got only sweat equity). You need to believe in what you are doing and these guys believed in what Cendura was building.
It's encouraging to read this. All the more since Pavan and I come from the same city - Kanpur. Where apart from the IIT campus there are very few things to cheer about. Though lately I am hearing some buzz around the notion of Tier-2 city based BPO companies.

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