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August 02, 2004

More open source

OSRM is continuing on the subtle FUD sales strategy by digging out the patent dirt on Linux. and coming out with somewhat unsubstantiated assertion that - Linux potentially infringes 283 patents.

Research conducted jointly by non-profit body Public Patent Foundation and OSRM is bound to raise some concerns among the customer community. This is a serious (somewhat subtle) claim and discounting the fact that any large software is bound to have some gray areas (where lawyers usually make their money) this can still get dragged into that interpretation area where FUD usually shines.

In a related open source news , SugarCRM (rel link) landed with $2ml funding from Draper. This coming shortly after the Black Duck announcement, overall it's a great time for open source business models. Wont be surprised if we hear some more exciting announcements tomorrow at the LinuxWorld. I will be there.

Are we seeing a mini bubble around open source business models ?

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