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August 14, 2004

How To Climb Everest

This old article form Observer is equally applicable to the challenges and highs of doing a startup -

Don't rush your build-up
Understand it won't be easy
Be prepared for lots of 'down-time'
Accept that you won't be mentally alert on the mountain
Be ready for hallucinations
Picture yourself on the mountain, succeeding

It has been two years since I ran marathon in Hawaii. There is a huge high in doing something physically challenging. It's more than just the joy of athleticism, its the idea of pushing the envelope.
As in the start-up life, now "pushing the envelope" is becoming a way of life. Applying this everyday in every aspect of life, be it spiritual, intellectual, physical or financial.

In a way its about conditioning and hardening the inner self. On the personal note, my next stop is New York City Triathlon in June 2005. Training starts from yesterday.

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