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July 30, 2004

Mathematics Of The Future Business Models

For the geeks their good time is coming again and again. Their revenge ride is on ( ever since those pen-carrying shirt pockets conquered the payroll processing, starting with the mainframes off course). Any ways I am digressing here little bit but the point of this post is the inherent strength and early-age creativity of the geeks which will continue to shake one industry after the other. You hear talks like this and similar ones for music industry. Probably media industry is next in line with DIY culture coming there as well.


Is pervasive geekiness a new fad of our time? As Watts Wacker puts it - "paradox is a trend of our time" and we should get used to it (explains why low carb diets are hot, at the same time cooking is hot).

I am putting this post under the category of "emerging technologies" but it should ideally go to the category which captures the behavioral aspects of new technology driven lifestyle. Something which should capture our new age (or maybe the new new age) on craziness such as why people prefer to sleep with iPod and why Tivo gets treated in the same way as one of the pet animals.

Check this if you want to become a great gladiator of this new geek-infested techno-Roman empire.

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