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July 06, 2004

Lovin' iBook

Joy in becoming a part of the club. Yes I finally succumbed to the ease and beauty of Mac. Bought iBook for my niece and she is loving it too. So now I have personal goal of making sure that every kid in my family has one iBook (even if their uncle has to put in extra hours on the grindstone). Though support in India is still catching up, I wish Apple could do more penetration in India. ibook

And the other thing is - Chacha, what is blogging ? Which I am going to explain by setting their accounts now. This is fun stuff. Though the bandwidth sucks. Earlier in the day I called the cable guy to know details about the broadband connection and to that he replied (rather triumphantly) that nobody in Kanpur has a cable Internet connection. This is really disappointing (and frustrating because my place is just 2km away from the computer center IIT Kanpur , where Media Lab Asia is piloting long distance wireless access for rural populace).

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