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July 26, 2004

Data over instant messaging

Bill Burnham talks about the exploitation of IM infrastructure for data messaging.

Why send data over IM? One reason is that IM infrastructures have solved a lot of tough technical problems such as firewall traversal, multi-protocol transformation, and real-time presence management. Sending messages over these networks allows applications to leverage the investments made to solve these tough problems. Another reason is that many companies already have IM “friendly” infrastructures which means that all the necessary firewall ports are open, the clients are already certified and installed, and operations infrastructure like logging, back-up, and even high-availability are already in place. Thus by using IM for computer-to-computer communication, developers are able to “hijack” all the valuable investment made in IM and use it for a purpose that its creators likely never intended.

He is selling his portfolio company CastBridge here but the idea is worth a look. Since it leverages something which is usually the most painful aspect of messaging - messaging infrastructure itself ! Though in some ways it reminds me of KnowNow.

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