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July 16, 2004

BPEL - Elevator pitch

Courtesy JJ Dubray this simple explanation of BPEL -

BPEL is a programming language or a set of extensions to existing programming languages that let you write programs and systems that can participate in message driven, asynchronous, long running units of work. This type of code is typically very hard to write or debug, in particular the dehydration/hydration of state, error prone, and difficult to monitor. Now that we live in a connected world, this type of code has become very common if not the norm. As such, BPEL is the programming language of SOA, it has brought consistency, order and elegance in a world of chaos. Today, BPEL can complement existing application models (e.g. J2EE) or be used for EAI applications, for web service compositions and in the near future it will become a key technology of BPM along with choreography languages.

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