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May 20, 2004

Workshop goes to open source

Another Open source move, BEA decided to open source their Workshop application. This product was the result of an expensive acquisition. they made in 2001.

I am waiting for IBM to push Websphere into Open source and effectively causing a huge disruption in the open source application server and application toolset space.. With their push towards business processes and also letting business analysts drive the technology enhancements using Rational tool set. This move will make a good business sense as well. Their 40million investment in Eclipse project and billion dollar investment in Linux is paying off handsomely. DB2 is a cash cow and doesn't provide great revenue scale to IBM GS. It's in the middleware where services made their most of the killings.

Overall I think market should get ready for major open source initiatives by leading software/application vendors. Using Moore's core-versus-context analysis, this time companies wont just outsource their contextual technologies , they will also open source it.

In an economy where one company's context is another company's core, you will see a strong deflationary trend in the short term due to open sourcing of proprietary apps.

In the mid-to-long term companies will have invent their new value chain.

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