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May 20, 2004

One-Minute Movies Culture

Dancing Mouse, BBC is experimenting one minute movie fest. This is incredible interesting to study. For obvious reasons, what is one minute today will become 100 minutes for your kids or maybe break the average 120minutes time span.

Check this comment from the budding director - Andrew Paul

I have decided to pursue my hobby even more and turn it into a career. I do quite a few weddings etc. but am looking to get into filming and editing. I am 38 years of age with two young children and a very (financially) understanding wife. I am currently on offer to anybody who wants me in the film industry for either cash payment or a cup of tea.

There are thousands of amateur Andrews out there. This is a nascent market which will mature in next 5-10 years. Time to tinker with these tools is now. And by the way keep thinking how to monetize your content while avoiding San Fernando valley business model.

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