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May 13, 2004

Confession time

Confession time - ever since I started blogging my world has changed. I have read more content in last 10 months than in my last 10 years. Funny part is it's not just the 150-odd RSS feeds that I try to digest daily but also the newsletters, books, white papers, and 4 email accounts. While geneticians are working on the technology where by brain cells can have it's own self-categorizing and information-to-wisdom conversion techniques I need to give this constant down pouring some rest. Looking for some tools and best practices on making this more manageable.

On a lighter side, this blog-aura has started showing some outward signs as well to the extent that wife has started relating blog-happy and blog-sad days to my moods.

Sometimes running helps in doing the necessary cleansing. Will start doing 10miles going forward. Doing marathon one more time is a major time commitment.

Long distance running is fun.

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