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April 22, 2004

Professional open source

JBoss is continuing its innovative march in creative profitable business model within the open source framework. Quality and passion of the developers is ensuring high quality output and allowing JBoss to maintain its lead in the marketplace.
In the words of Gavin King, team lead for persistence engine Hibernate (high quality component)

Right from the start I wanted to have a serious project for serious business applications. So right from the start we had good documentation, because that's often not the case with open source software. We don't want to be seen as a cheap solution. When you choose to use Hibernate, you choose to use something that's better than any commercial software. We love doing it but it's a product, not a hobby.

Only couple of years ago I remember yours truly bragging in front of a big fortune 500 customer team that my employer has this innovative XML enabled database persistence layer offering tremendous flexibility. Now that same module is available for free. Supported and enhanced by developers all over the world.

You dont want to be standing in front of open source projects, chances of you succeeding are going to be very slim. For some strange reason it always reminds of a scene in God Father2, where Al Pacino seeing a rebel Cuban blowing himself predicts that rebels will eventually win. In the battle between heart and reason, chances are heart and passion will win over. There are just too many developers out there who want to be known as next Linus Torvalds. And their crosshair is now on Oracle, SAP and other business applications.

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